Physical Education

Let's Get Physical!

Wasco Physical Education Program

Welcome to Wasco Physical Education (PE), where the whole child grows and learns the importance of being physically active for a lifetime. Wasco School is a grassroots member of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Wasco PE curriculum is based on D303, Illinois State and NASPE standards.  Activity units taught are: Age appropriate developmental games, creative movement, dance, ball handling, educational gymnastics, volleyball, long and short handled implements, and the Heart Adventure Challenge.

Students develop skills in the areas of: Team building, communication, game strategies, locomotion, fitness and the wellness factors, goal setting, self-assessment, problem solving and critical thinking.

What's New in PE?
PE is now 4 days per week.  One of the days in the week will be used to teach the new Health curriculum, which will be taught using both instruction and physical activity. Students are expected to have gym shoes (laces or Velcro) that are kept at school and used only for PE.

Due to the extra day of PE, Wasco has an additional PE teacher, Mr. Navis, who will be working with 2nd grade. There will also be a school=home connection page sent home once per quarter. This is homework that needs to be signed and returned.

Mrs. Williams Mr. Lubas


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