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About the Wasco Learning Resource Center (LRC)

The LRC is an essential component of the educational program at Wasco School, helping to create a foundation of lifelong learning.

It is our mission to:

  • assist students and educators to effectively access books in the library and to be users and evaluators of ideas and information.

  • foster a love of reading and learning in all students.
  • curate print and digital resources for students and educators.
  • provide a platform for students to utilize creative thinking, problem-solving skills, innovation and collaboration.

COVID 19 Book Loan Procedures Effective 8/2020:

Students who wish to borrow a physical library book may checkout one at a time in Kindergarten and students in grades 2-5 are allowed two at a time. The library will not be open to browse for books, so we have created a new delivery method for receiving library books. Books must stay with your belongings at school and they are not to be taken home.

Students in grade K and 1: The LRC staff will deliver a set of books to your classroom each week. The classroom teacher will place your book/s on your desk before school. This is your book/s for the loan period (up to two weeks). The following week a new set of books will be delivered to anyone who returned a book to the class return bin. It will be delivered to your desk in the same fashion, before school.

Students in grades 2, 3, 4, 5: You will be using a digital hold method to receive a book. Directions are shared in the Wasco Virtual LIbrary posted in your classroom Seesaw and Google Classroom sites. Once you place a hold, the LRC Staff will set your book aside and on your grade level library day, it will be delivered to your classroom, checked out in your name.

*Note: Returned books will be kept in a separate area of the library for four days to quarantine. After the quarantine, books will be reshelved and classroom return bins will be delivered back to the appropriate classroom.

Book Return “day” Due to Class Bin:

Monday- 1st Grade
Tuesday- 2nd Grade
Wednesday- 3rd Grade
Thursday- 4th Grade
Friday- 5th Grade and Kinder.

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